Diarios de Humboldt disponibles en la Red

Diarios de Humboldt podrán ser consultados en la Red
Fueron adquiridos recientemente por la Staatsbibliothek y con la Biblioteca Jagiellonen se dieron a la tarea de digitalizarlos Los diarios americanos de Alexander von Humboldt están a partir de hoy en la red, como parte de un proyecto conjunto de la Staatsbibliothek de Berlín y de la Biblioteca Jagiellonen de Cracovia (Polonia).Los diarios de Humboldt, considerados como el núcleo de su legado científico, fueron adquiridos recientemente por la Staatsbibliothek tras una historia azarosa en la que, después de la II Guerra Mundial, los manuscritos terminaron en Rusia como parte del llamado botín de guerra (…)
Fuente y para seguir: El Universal (México), 4/12/2014
Der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin: http://humboldt.staatsbibliothek-berlin.de/

Ecclesiastical and Secular Sources for Slave Societies

The Ecclesiastical and Secular Sources for Slave Societies (ESSSS) project, directed by Jane Landers and administered at Vanderbilt University, digitally preserves endangered ecclesiastical and secular documents related to Africans and Afro-descended peoples in the Americas. Other non-European groups, such as Chinese and indigenous groups are also represented. This website provides information about the project and its history and tools that allow researchers to search the ESSSS database containing nearly 300,000 documents from diverse archives in four countries. While most of the documents contained here belong to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, there are also Cuban and Spanish Florida documents from the sixteenth century and Brazilian documents from the seventeenth.
On this website you will find areas dedicated to each geographic entity — Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, and Spanish Florida — and additional resources to assist in your research. We welcome feedback and encourage researchers to share the research and transcripts that they develop based on the ESSSS website.requests that you please send along your articles, dissertations, theses, essays, or teaching materials that rely on sources found in our database so that we can showcase your work on the website.
The project has benefited from NEH and British Library Endangered Archives Programme grants and is maintained by the Jean and Alexander Heard Library at Vanderbilt University. They continuously expand the collection, while improving accessibility of the volumes that have already been digitized.
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