Antropologia social e historia de los afroamericanos, especialmente en el caso argentino. Referencias, reseñas, extractos de estudios diversos.

De Afromexicanos a Pueblo Negro. Versión electrónica

"De Afromexicanos a Pueblo Negro" Por el Reconocimiento Constitucional del Pueblo Negro de México en su versión electrónica publicado en el Portal del Programa Universitario México Nacion Multicultural-UNAM Ciudad Universitaria, México D.F. Por Reyes Larrea Israel, Rodríguez Mitchell Nemesio J. y Ziga Gabriel José Francisco.

The Public Archive | history beyond the headlines

Given the incredible loss of life as a result of the January 12, 2010 earthquake in the Republic of Haiti, it may appear frivolous to turn to history – but history, too, has been a casualty of this disaster. In the reporting on the earthquake and the relief operations, Haiti’s history has been contorted by cliché, smudged by misrepresentation, or not represented at all. The country and its citizens have been rendered history-less, and its historic significance in the region and the world made invisible.

Atlantic African Diaspora Research Guide « African Diaspora, Ph.D.

This research guide will provide students an introduction to the primary, secondary and reference material available on the study of the Atlantic African diaspora. It will also provide an introduction to the principal scholars, texts, schools, methodologies, and subjects of the field. It will finish with several considerations on the trajectory of the field of Atlantic African diaspora study

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