Testimonios de la dictadura argentina: robo de niños de desaparecidos

STOLEN BABIES: Argentina Convicts Two Military Dictators
In Unprecedented Testimony, Former US Assistant Secretary of State Confirmed Military Kidnappings of Children of Disappeared Political Prisoners in the 1970’s

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 383
Posted – July 5, 2012

Washington, D.C., July 5, 2012 –An Argentine tribunal today convicted two former military leaders for their roles in the kidnapping and theft of dozens of babies of executed and disappeared political prisoners during the dictatorship. Drawing on critical evidence provided from the United States, the court sentenced General Rafael Videla to 50 years and General Reynaldo Bignone to 15 years in prison for crimes that epitomized the vicious human rights abuses during the military regime that governed Argentina between 1976 and 1983.

The “Tribunal Oral Federal N° 6” handed down the verdict after a review of documentation that included a memorandum of conversation, written by former Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights Elliott Abrams, that proved the clandestine program to steal the babies of political prisoners was known at the highest levels of the regime. In his memo, dated December 3, 1982, Abrams recounted a meeting with the military’s ambassador to Washington: “I raised with the Ambassador the question of children… born to prisoners or children taken from their families during the dirty war… The Ambassador agreed completely and had already made this point to his [Argentine] foreign minister and president…” (…)
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Lesa humanidad: condenaron a 50 años de prisión a Jorge Rafael Videla por robo de bebés.
Lo dispuso este jueves el Tribunal Oral Federal Nº 6 de la Capital, que encabezó el debate. Se trata de la causa conocida como “Plan Sistemático”, en donde se investigaron más de 30 hechos de apropiación de menores durante la última dictadura militar.
Centro de Información Judicial, 06 de julio de 2012

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