“Godfather” of Colombian Army Intelligence Acquitted in Palace of Justice Case

Gen. Iván Ramírez Led Unit that “Tortured and Killed” Palace of Justice Detainees in 1985. “Infamous” Commander “was “Passing Military Intelligence to the Paramilitaries,” according to U.S. Ambassador

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 368       Posted – December 16, 2011

A Colombian army general acquitted today in one of the country’s most infamous human rights cases “actively” collaborated with paramilitary death squads responsible for dozens of massacres, according to formerly secret U.S. records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by the National Security Archive.
Once the third-highest-ranking officer in the Colombian military and later a top adviser to President Álvaro Uribe’s Department of Administrative Security (DAS), Iván Ramírez Quintero was acquitted today in the torture and disappearance of Irma Franco, one of several people detained by the army during the November 1985 Palace of Justice disaster (…)

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