Collection Development Department-Latin American and Iberian …

The Latin American and Iberian collections of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill support a wide range of research needs of Carolina's faculty and students. The collections are of research-level strength in most fields; the strongest holdings correspond to the traditional disciplines in Iberian and Latin American Studies: Spanish and Portuguese language and literature, Spanish American and Brazilian literature, Latin American history and political science. In addition, "Gray Literature" or non-commercially produced material originally intended for a private audience is collected. The collections are estimated at 500,000 volumes, predominantly in Spanish, Portuguese, and English with holdings also in French, Catalan, and Galician.

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Frédérique Langue (2010, 22 mayo). Collection Development Department-Latin American and Iberian … NUEVO MUNDO RADAR - La atalaya del Nuevo Mundo desde el tiempo presente. Recuperado 14 de junio de 2024, de

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