Irish Soldiers and Military Conflicts in Spain, Latin America and the Caribbean

Last issue of the electronic journal Irish Migration Studies in
Latin America
Vol 7 No. 3 (March 2010). Guest Editor: Karen Racine.

  • Table of Contents :
  • Irish Soldiers in Iberia and Latin America, by Karen Racine
    British Army, Irish Soldiers – the 1806 Invasion of Buenos Aires, by Thomas Byrne
    Irish Soldiers at the Sieges of Girona, 1808-1809 , by Oisín Breatnach
    Richard Crofton, Irish Soldier in New Granada’s Battle of El
    Santuario in 1829: A Work in Progress and Search for More Information, by Matthew Brown
    Saving Republics: General Martin Thomas McMahon, the Paraguayan War
    and the Fate of the Americas (1864-1870), by Michael Kenneth Huner
    John O’Brien: Captain Dynamite of the Cuban War for Independence,
    1868-1898s, by Herminio Portell Vilá
    Testimonies of Irish-Argentine Veterans of the Falklands / Malvinas
    War (1982), by John Kennedy
    Who are the Good Guys?: Political Violence and the Figure of the
    Irish Mercenary in Louis Malle’s South-of-the-Border Western Film
    ¡Viva Maria!, by Paula Gilligan
    The Ancestral Home of Chile’s Blest Family in Sligo, Ireland, by
    Moises Hasson Camhi
    Terrys in Latin America of Cork origin, by Kevin Terry