Hispanic Baroque

The Hispanic Baroque: Complexity in the First Atlantic Culture. The objective of the project on “The Hispanic Baroque: Complexity in the First Atlantic Culture” is to trace the interactions that created the cultural complexity that characterized the Hispanic Baroque, and that allow for their reproduction in and transfer to other cultural settings. First, it will establish how individual and collective identities were transformed and reshaped by the conflicts arising from colonization, resistance, “mestizaje,” and isolation through the study of significant cases which are paradigmatic of the transatlantic relations from 1600 to 1825. Secondly, it will determine the various mechanisms that gave rise to the Iberoamerican Baroque, and specifically, the role played in this process by the emerging technologies of culture, and by the transnational organizations involved in it…

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(2010, 2 febrero). Hispanic Baroque. NUEVO MUNDO RADAR - La atalaya del Nuevo Mundo desde el tiempo presente. Recuperado 27 de mayo de 2024, de https://nuevomundoradar.hypotheses.org/202

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