Plataforma Democrática | Latin America

Plataforma Democrática is an initiative devoted to strengthening Latin American democratic institutions and culture by fostering pluralistic debate on the social and political transformations of the region and the world.

Plataforma Democrática provides a virtual infra-structure which permits access to a data bank on research institutions and their academic production. Plataforma develops research to identify the current state of knowledge on key areas, which is later transformed into extensively disseminated debate papers. Together with our associated institutions, we organize debate forums to increase communication among knowledge producers and social and political actors.

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Frédérique Langue (2009, 1 diciembre). Plataforma Democrática | Latin America. NUEVO MUNDO RADAR - La atalaya del Nuevo Mundo desde el tiempo presente. Recuperado 14 de abril de 2024, de

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