Media Accuracy on Latin America | A Project of NACLA

Media Accuracy on Latin America is a new initiative that seeks to foster public discourse by offering more pluralistic views on events unfolding throughout the hemisphere. Our network of scholars, journalists, and activists generate constructive media criticism of news coverage, highlighting reports in which news outlets have simplified, overlooked or distorted critical facts as well as reports in which the media fails to connect relevant U.S. policy to developments in Latin America. MALA also offers background information on economic, political, and societal issues, as well as other resources for journalists, students, and the public at large to better understand the complexity of events in the region.

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Frédérique Langue (2010, 16 febrero). Media Accuracy on Latin America | A Project of NACLA. NUEVO MUNDO RADAR - La atalaya del Nuevo Mundo desde el tiempo presente. Recuperado 24 de mayo de 2024, de

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